Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Call it what you want

Am I a Yankee or a Dixie?
A co-worker of mine sent me the link to a test to give me the answer to the question about which only people in the Midwest would probably be curious.
Take it here.
One of the questions was about how people refer to soft drinks. Is it soda, pop, Coke?
The question reminded me of the arguments my sisters and I used to get into with my cousin Scott from Belleville, Ill., about what to call soft drinks.
He insisted it was soda.
We called it pop.
It turns out no one was wrong, but it was the first introduction I had to how different cultures can be within a relatively short (500 miles) distance. I remember watching the "Shasta" commercials on television with the jingle, "I want a pop, pop, pop, I want a ...Shhhhhasta."
My sisters and I would laugh at how Scott would react to that commercial if he saw it.
Funny thing is...now that I'm older, I call it soda, too.

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