Friday, May 23, 2008

Raise your voice

I made a decision last night I'm sure my husband will not like. Given the influence of certain well-known authors by whom I am enchanted and because of advice and praise that was given to me years ago by someone whose opinion I respect, I decided to rewrite my manuscript from a first-person viewpoint.
It's all about voice. I recognize my author's voice when telling a story first person much more than I do when I'm trying to tell something from third-person.
I completed the first scene last night, and I have to admit I could feel the strength of the story increase to a point where I could feel it in my bones.
It won't all be told in first-person, however. I plan to take a Jodi Picoult type of approach to looking at this story just to see where it goes.
It should be an interesting endeavor.

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