Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't push my buttons

I get my prescription meds in the pharmacy at a nearby grocery store.

It's a large building with three entrances -- the main door, the customer service door and the smaller, out-of-the way pharmacy entrance.

Despite the building's relative newness, the handicap button that automatically opens the door at the pharmacy entrance is fickle. You have to press it a certain way to get it to work.

The button is so fickle that I stopped trying use it. Instead, I open the door with my hands like God intended us non-handicapped folks to do.

I didn't think this was such a strange concept. Nor did I realize how much people have started relying on automatic door openers at stores.

Then one day I went to pick up a prescription. As I walked up to the store, two other people approached the pharmacy entrance at the same time I did.

The first man (I'll call him Bob) stepped in front of me -- a move I felt was rather impolite, to say the least. The second man (I'll call him Bill) noticed Bob's breach of etiquette, flashed an understanding smile at me and lingered behind.

Together we waited as Bob pressed the button to open the door.

Of course, it's a fickle button. Nothing happened.

He pressed it a second time. Again, nothing happened.

After pressing the button the third time, Bob tisked with disgust, threw up his arms and backed away. He turned and started toward the main entrance.

Bill raised an eyebrow at him, looked back at me, shook his head and smiled before grabbing the door handle and pulling it open.

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to keep a straight face when Bob approached the pharmacy counter.

Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else?


Feywriter said...

That is great! And to think it would have been less lazy to just open the door in front of him... I love to watch people fighting for a parking spot close to the stores, when we park further away and get inside long before the people who can't walk a few extra car lengths.

lynnrush said...

OMG. Seriously? He went to a different door because the auto-thing didn't work?

Okay, that's crazy. Just like people waiting forever to get a parking spot closest to the front door of a GYM.

I mean, really, they're going to WORK OUT and EXERCISE. Walking another thirty feet won't hurt them. . . LOL

Great post.

Rena said...

That's funny! Some people have no patience these days. Recently, my husband was driving in some really mud-slushy roads and stopped to let someone cross in a crosswalk. A guy driving behind him slammed on his breaks, honked his horn, and threw his hands up in the air looking at Rick. Since when is it a bad thing to let people use the crosswalks?

Elana Johnson said...

Ha ha ha! Bob and Bill. Great names, too. :)

Weird things happen to me all the time.

Sarah Bromley said...

LOL! Highly entertaining post, Kat!

KM Wilsher said...

LOL, sounds like something I'd do. JK