Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kat on Vacation

I'm not ignoring anyone.

Really, I'm not.

I'm simply on vacation this week.

I do 99 percent of my blog writing during my lunch break, and since I haven't been around a computer with internet access this week... well, you know.

So, what have I been doing?

Well, so far this week I've . . .

  1. On Friday, I watched my husband get excited about finding "the deal of the century." Honestly, it was. We'd been trying to save enough money to replace our sliding glass door. By happenstance, his boss knew someone who, while building a new home, had recently installed a gorgeous sliding door. The homeowners, however, wanted a swinger. Not a slider. So, they pulled the slider out, installed a swinger and tried -- unsuccessfully -- to find a buyer for the slider. Let's just say the price my husband offered didn't break our all.
  2. On Saturday, I took a 4-mile walk, and then took my daughter shopping. I'm not a shopper. This wasn't an enjoyable experience.
  3. On Sunday, I mowed the lawn and nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. It's very humid here in Nebraska right now.
  4. On Monday, I went to the accupuncturist. She used a new deep-tissue treatment on me in hopes to cure the ails of my malfunctioning thyroid. (Maybe now my hair will quit falling out.)
  5. On Monday, I took my daughter to the dentist. Upon learning her need for an orthodontist is dire, I decided I'd rather be shopping.
  6. On Tuesday, I took both of my daughters to the eye doctor. My youngest is still 20/20. (Way to go, Elizabeth!) My oldest is now in contacts. She's beautiful no matter what, but she likes the contacts because not only can she see, but she can run without her glasses clouding up and falling of.
  7. On Tuesday, I also took my daughters and mom to Columbus to watch my nephew play American Legion baseball. (Yeah, he's the next Albert Pujols. Er . . . no, Albert isn't a pitcher and my nephew isn't a Cards fan. He's the next Vin Mazzaro. How 'bout that?)
  8. On Wednesday, my oldest daughter and I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and walked around the arboretum. (I'll post pictures later this week. It's one of my favorite places in the world.)
  9. On Wednesday, I also broke the TV. Heh! I'm never going to catch every rerun of ER.

Yeah. My vacation isn't exactly spent in the Hamptons. I haven't flown to any exotic location or gone on safari.

I'm staying home in my own back yard, and -- dentists notwithstanding -- I've had a pretty eventful time so far. (Plus, I'm getting a lot done on my WIP, so I really can't complain.)

I have 162 messages in my inbox at work, and I don't feel guilty about ignoring every single one of them. :-)

I'll be back later.


christinefonseca said...

awwhhhhh - vaaacccaaaation!!! WOO HOO

Anonymous said...
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gzusfreek said...

Have a great time, Kat! Loved that you 'checked in' :)

lynnrush said...

Whoo-Hooo. Sounds like a blast to me. Except the shopping. I'm not a shopper either. OH, and nice job on the walking. That's GREAT!

Yep, don't feel bad about the're on VACA! Whoo Hoo. Enjoy