Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking over me

Kat's mind is a mess today.

So, she asked me to take over her blog. Well, she didn't really ask. I just decided to take over because she's too busy dreaming about vacation, white Christmases and having what her friend, JC, calls a write-fest for the next five days.

That means she'll be paying attention to me -- Heather, the MC in her novel.

That's my picture on the left. It's pretty old, taken before all that stuff happened (circa 1980). If you read the novel, you know what stuff I'm talking about.

I'm feeling much better now. Just in case you're wondering.

Since Kat gets such a kick out of writing about the sordid details of my life, I figured I would write about her.

I started bugging Kat a long time ago. She might have been in sixth grade. Lord, what a geek she was in junior high. I have pictures; someday, when she's famous (yeah, right Kat, in your dreams) I'll blackmail her with them.

I started telling her my story back then already, but it took forever for her to sit down and listen to what I said. She'd write stuff down, but she didn't get the story straight until she let me tell it in first person. (Duh, I've been sayin' it for awhile, Kat.)

So, anyway, I started bugging her to tell my story because her family reminded me a lot of my husband's. Her parents are really cool, and she's got these sisters that are awesome and laugh ALL the time when they're together. It's such a night-and-day difference from the way I grew up, I was immediately drawn to it.

Not only that, but Kat has an interesting sense of humor and has dealt with some of the major issues that made my story interesting. Well, she hasn't dealt with them, but she has helped her husband struggle through them the way I wish my husband would have been able to help me.

Kat's also an okay singer and songwriter (but not nearly as good as me and Dave Vacanti). I mean, she hasn't put any of her bands on the Billboard Charts (like I did), and she's too old to make it past Simon Cowell on American Idol, but she holds her own.

Did she ever tell you about the time she met Def Leppard? Funny story. She was so smitten by their bass player she couldn't even talk!

Oh, I think I see her coming this way. I have to log off before she catches what I've done.



Rosslyn Elliott said...

Thanks for guest-blogging, Heather! Your story sounds fascinating and I'd love to read it sometime. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heather!! it's great to get to know you more. You sound so interesting and I'm excited to start reading your story!

Betty said...

lol You are too much!


gzusfreek said...

Wow, Heather. I haven't known Kat for very long. Thanks for the insight. And, it was nice to be introduced to you too! You are eclectic and I will have to keep a look out for more from you in the future! Hmmm Def Leppard? Now, there's a story!
(PS Love the half shirt, chica! You wear it well!)