Monday, December 15, 2008

Songs for the season

The high in my neck of the plains this morning was -9. I won't mention the 25 mph winds and snow.

So, what do you do on a frigid December day in Nebraska?

Completely immerse yourself in the season!

You bake Christmas cookies. And to really add to the feel of the season, you turn on your favorite Christmas tunes.

I have very few Christmas cds, but the ones I like, I like a lot.

One of my all time favorite Christmas songs is the one in the video above. Although I'm not fond of Clay Aiken's version. (I've heard more passion opening a can of tuna.) I heard "Mary Did You Know" the first time in church when Rick and Cheryl Higgins, a lovely couple from my community, sang it.

My skin textured with goosebumps when Rick hit that big note. Yeah. Good stuff.

An Omaha musician by the name of Heidi Joy recorded my favorite version of "Mary Did You Know."

I have other favorite Christmas tunes, too. My daughter, Molly, and I often sing O Holy Night together in church on Christmas Eve, but I'm not sure we'll ever top The Judds version of that song. I've also been known to jam out with Burl Ives while decking the halls; who can resist "Holly Jolly Christmas?"

I mean, c'mon.

Tonight (even though the windchill index will dip well below zero again) my 13-year-old daughter, Molly, will sing at her school's Christmas program. Although I'm not a huge fan of sitting in a crowded gymnasium with 1,500 other parents, I'm very excited about hearing Molly sing again.

Last year, she sang Stille Nacht (scroll to the bottom of the page when you follow the link), and I still tear up listening to her.

Christmas music doesn't get much better than my honest mom-pinion.

What's your favorite Christmas song?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that song is so beautiful!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Hi Kat,

One of my favorites is "Some Children See Him," which I just posted about on my blog. I love many Christmas songs, though. "Up on the Housetop" was written by the real-life composer on whom I based my first novel (the one that's under submission right now).

lynnrush said...

I love this song. Actually, this IS my favorite. My sweet hubby can attest to that.

I haven't seen this video before, though. So thanks for this. It's awesome!

gzusfreek said...

My favorite is O Holy Night! "Fall on your knees" It's the best part of the whole season!!! I'd love to hear you and Molly sing! (I haven't heard the Judds do it. I'll have to look that up.)
I have to say I do like Stevie Nicks version of Silent Night. I was going to sing her version at a Christmas party one time with an old friend but she backed out. I was so disappointed!
I am kind of a Scrooge though about Christmas music. I only want to hear it from December 11 to December 25.
Great post, Kat!
PS - BTW, Lita Ford?! Who knew? We have a lot in common! :-)

Kat Harris said...

Anon -- Thanks for stopping by!

Rosslyn -- Like the comment I left on your blog today, you have the patience of Job. I'd never be able to do what you do. I'm curious about your novel.

Lynn -- I feel like a goof because I just heard this song for the first time not too long ago. :-)

gzusfreek -- Yes, dear, Lita Ford. I'm a sucker for her screamin' guitar and vox. And Stevie? I love her stuff. You and I must talk.

Betty said...

Great Song! I love this one!
I'm not a big Clay Aiken fan, ok I'm not a fan at all. My music tastes are all over the chart, I really like the way Dean Martin did "White Christmas" my fave!

How cool is that, can't wait to see if you post about your daughters school program. What a proud Mama! :)