Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yea Curt!

I never doubted him for a minute.

When the drummer from my old band, Furious George, told me he had the opportunity to start playing music with another band last summer, I cheered him on. Letting go of Curt took some getting used to because -- like the other guys in the band (well, except my husband) -- he's like a little brother to me. He's talented, and I really wanted to keep him around for my own musical adventures.

But he's in his 20s, and although he's married, he and his wife have no children. It's the perfect time for him to chase his dream of being a professional musician. Curt has the talent, passion and ambition to make it if he doesn't lose sight of what's important.

So, when he called me a little over a week ago to tell me the band he just started playing with was invited to open for Bret Michaels (of Poison) at a music festival in Rhode Island, I wasn't surprised.

He called me from the road today to tell me Saturday's show went well. His band hung out with Bret's band, and they were asked by someone from 3-D management to come down to Florida to play for spring break.

To top it all off, the band is looking at an offer from a private label.

How cool is that?

Of course, I've already told him not to forget his roots. I don't think he will.

I'm so excited about his future.

The video below features Curt on drums. It's a song my husband and I wrote for the soundtrack to accompany my novel (if I ever get it finished). I've posted it before. In fact, there's a link to it on the right, but I thought it was worth another play.


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Anonymous said...

Kat. You're multi-talented. Congrats for your friend, Curt.

Someday we'll see your book and on the book trailer hear you singing this song.

God bless you, girl!