Friday, November 27, 2015

Your Holiday Dirty Work Done Quick and Easy

There's no need to go out and fight the crowds at the mall or WalMart during this Christmas season.

I can take care of your entire gift list -- for the naughty and the nice -- with one quick link on the Internet, a link that takes you to my book.

Why is THE LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN the best gift idea out there? Well, here's why:

  • It looks awesome. I recently worked with Australian artist Penny de Byl to create a gorgeous new cover to catch readers', I mean gift-getters' eyes. 
  • It's entertaining. Don't just take my word for it. 

New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Lynn Rush said THE LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN "sucked me in and didn't let go until the last page"

Albina Hume, author of the fabulous memoir MISS FORTUNE, says it's "a masterpiece of scenes filled with deep, vibrant emotions."

A random winner from one of my Goodreads giveaways said, "I enjoyed it immensely and found it hard to put down. ...I highly recommend this book and was so glad to receive it."

  • It's easy to read.

Even my longtime co-worker, who adamantly insists she doesn't read and has begged me to record an audio book so she wouldn't have to read, got sucked into the story. She's only lost one character in the limousine.

  • The book will make you feel an entire gamut of emotions. There are funny parts (Alice Cooper's washcloth. Come on, that's hilarious.) There are sad parts (No spoilers). There are characters that will make readers fall in love and characters that will make readers so angry they'll look up from the book, growl and mutter obscenities under their breath and draw curious expression from onlookers when they turn their nose back to the story. 

So if you want to make someone laugh, cry, get angry, find a reason to believe in heaven, THIS BOOK is perfect for them.

  • Amazon might have it marked as women's fiction, but guys will enjoy it too. Why? It has muscle cars, rock 'n' roll, Italian food, a hot and easy chick with lots of money (Roxann), baseball, football AND booze. 

  • It makes an excellent excuse for when you don't want to cook supper. Here's the transcript from an actual conversation from three different readers:

"Honey, I'm hungry. What's for supper tonight?" A long thread of silence. "Honey? Did you hear me?"

"Shhhhhhh! I don't know. Order a pizza or go get McDonalds. I have to finish this book."

  • I'd really like it to be a best seller. Okay, well maybe that's more of a benefit to me than it is to the person you give it to. But if it does reach the best-seller list, you'll have the ability to say YOU helped make something great.

  • And finally it's on sale. From now through Christmas, the paperback edition is on sale for more than 35 percent off it's normally listed price. The digital version -- which can be given as a gift, as well -- is only 99 cents. 

So there you have it. Just head on over to THE LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN book page and finish up your shopping in one quick swoop. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get to the hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas special reruns. 

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