Sunday, October 14, 2012

A part of the Pep Club

Few things work out in life as planned.

I think I've mentioned that a time or two before on here.

Just in the past week my goals have been thwarted by a variety of factors that are beyond my control. The scale told me I gained three of the pounds I'd just lost. Girl issues kept me from living my life at least one day last week. And I felt tired all of the time.

Sometimes it seems as if my aging, female body isn't in agreement with what goals my still-youthful mind has set.

The temptation to throw my hands in the air and say, "Screw It!" was sometimes overwhelming.

So how does a person stay focused on goals in the midst of setbacks?

It's not easy. I've failed at this task more times than I can count.

And yet I'm still reaching.

This is where it helps to have a friend who understands. Believe me when I say there are plenty of people out there who feel just as isolated and defeated as you do from time to time.

There is strength in numbers. The more people you have cheering for you, the more apr you will be to succeed.

Do you need someone to cheer for you?

Let me know.

Tweet at me. Email me or leave a comment below. I'd be more than happy to cheer you on you way to success.

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