Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Confessional: Take me to your mullet

I miss hair bands.

Like this... (more below)

I miss seeing rock stars with long, gorgeous hair. (I think this explains a lot about the era in which my first novel is set.)

I don't, however, miss mullets. Like the one my husband once had. He doesn't sport one anymore. Thankfully.

But he did. I used to tell him he looked like one of the survivors of Lynyrd Skynrd's plane crash.

He took it as a compliment. He was proud of his honest-to-goodness, head-banging, Joe-Dirt mullet.

Once -- when he still had his mullet -- we stopped at a gas station in Kansas. A pick-up truck full of redneck teens (hey, they had shotguns in the back window) started pulling out of the parking lot just as we climbed out of the car.

I kid you not: The driver of the truck slammed on his brakes, leaned out the window and cried out, "Hey, that's Joe Dirt!"

The excitement in his voice suggested the kid had just seen God. He hadn't. He'd only seen a hair lord.

Deep down, I'm pretty sure my husband knew the kid was playing with him. Dana didn't care. He pumped his fists in the air and hollered back, "Yeah, man, right on."

And I ducked back into my seat.

Yep, I really miss hair bands. Some of the hair styles. . .not so much.

What's the worst hair style you've ever had?


Aubrie said...

Very funny post! Growing up, my mom used to cut my bangs straight accross....that was pretty bad. But not as bad as a mullet!

Crimey said...

I sorta have a mullet. I kid, of course! :)

Tara said...

Ha! Too funny!

The summer before 8th grade my aunt decided to cut my hair shoulder length (a bad length for me) and perm it. I proceeded to swim the next day, and the next, not only did my blonde hair get that lovely summer greenish hue, but the perm only sorta took. It was awful!

Jay/Ace said...

See what I can do about getting some of those old photos posted.

Journaling Woman said...

It has to be the late 80's into 90's bangs. Oh my.

Or it could be my ringlets in my first grade photo.

KM Wilsher said...

Ah, I loved mullets. 'specially on little boys. Alas, I think I am the only one who did. So shhh don't tell anyone.

That is so funny about your hubby. What a rocker family you are. . .Sweet!

I always pictured the Long Road to Heaven in those glory days, Heather in a hair band.

And -Gypsy Road- gotta be one of my favs ever. . .Cinderella. Yup. Those were the days.

lynnrush said...

The Mullet!! OMG, those haircuts crack me up. Stil see a few around these days.

GREAT memories. Love the pictures, KAT

molly said...

well when i was in 3rd grade mom cut my hair like a boys' hair. it was icky! and winter.... in other words, my head was cold and i was laughed at.

Doreen McGettigan said...

The pixie cut..ugh!!