Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whoa baby...

I thought it was hilarious in college.

I mean, what's not funny about watching your boyfriend secretly sign up one of his buddies to receive free information about Bedwetters Anonymous?

Can you imagine the confusion that would settle on a guy's face when he found such literature in his mailbox?

How bad would your stomach hurt from restraining the laughter when he says, "Why would someone send me this?" Or how about when he tries to discreetly dispose of the material before anyone sees?

Of course, I was eighteen and extremely immature for my age. And it always has been hard for me to turn my back on a good practical joke.

Unfortunately, I think my husband and I might now be reaping the bad mojo we sewed so many years ago.

My first hint of this came in a box in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Words on the bright yellow container used huge letters to proclaim: Free Samples of Enfamil Baby Formula Inside!

This might not seem like a big deal to you, but I live in a small town. I have neighbors. The postman has a first and last name. People talk.

And if that wasn't enough to get the rumors started, the bright yellow envelope bearing a picture of the Gerber Baby peddling a child-sized life-insurance policy certainly was.

Whoever signed me up for all of these free samples of baby supplies surely is out there laughing it up. Big time.

Well, he (or she) probably would be very happy to know that when the sample of Huggies recently came in the mail, even my husband got a little nervous.

So just for the record (in case anyone might be interested) I'm not knocked up. (But my nephew and his wife will certainly appreciate all of the freebies, and I'm enjoying a good laugh.)


Rosslyn Elliott said...

:-) I have a theory about why I also occasionally receive baby marketing in the mail.

Do you have one of those grocery store rewards tags?

Every now and then I will buy some baby stuff for a shower, or some Pedialyte when my daughter is sick. If the grocery store records you making those purchases, you may be put on the baby list!

Kat Harris said...

I've heard of that happening. Don't you find it incredibly disturbing that there are people out there tracking your purchases?

Or am I just paranoid? :-)

KM Wilsher said...

Too funny! Small towns talk, for sure :)

Anonymous said...


I'm thinking I might have lucked out moving to a big town LOL.

Eric said...

So you don't want a gift certificate to Damn.

Yeah, them small towns have good AND bad aspects. Too funny.

Journaling Woman said...

So funny...or not?

Kat Harris said...

JW -- Oh yes. I think it's hilarious, especially since my husband started worrying, too. :-)

Eric -- Nope. No need for coupons. Not for diapers anyway. If you've got any for Pizza Hut or Subway, I'd take those.

Lynn and KM -- There may be gossip between neighbors, but if there's ever anyone in need, they're also the first to step up. I love my hometown. :-)