Friday, May 22, 2009


Here's the deal.
Pirates have attacked your cruise ship.
They leave you sitting on the beach of a deserted island with only your laptop. . .no internet connection.
You only had time to download five CDs, five movies and five books.
Which ones do you pick?
Here are my picks:
1. Pink Floyd's Pulse
2. Lennon Murphy's Damaged Goods
3. Todd Agnew's Reflection of Something
4. Metallica's Symphony & Metallica
5. Chris Isaak's Heart-Shaped World

1. Forest Gump
2. Walk the Line
3. Stand By Me
4. The Green Mile
5. Rose Red
1. The Bible
2. Boy Scout Survival Guide
3. The Book of Jewish Wisdom
4. The Quran
5. Norton's Anthology of English Literature

(Obviously, I'm looking to gain knowledge -- not entertainment -- from the books.)
What would you choose?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That is one of the hardest questions for me to answer.

I'll give it a shot though.

Since I just started reading for fun a couple years ago (Yeah, long sorted story...grad school, forced reading, burned out...never enjoyed reading before....get the drift)...I'd have to say the following books:
1. The Bible
2. This Present Darkness
3. Book 1 of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.
4 & 5. 2 Ted Dekker Books (can't pick one right now....I'd have to think over that one for a while...he's got so many good ones)

1. Sixteen Candles
2. National Treasure
3. Terminator 2
4. Twilight
5. Iron Man

Gosh, haven't bought a CD in years...I usually have CDs burned frequently with different batches of songs....
1. Natalie Grant/Addison Road songs
2. Toby Mac/Jeremy Camp/Adie songs
3. Christmas songs
4. Casting Crowns/John Waller songs
5. Classic 80s songs (hubby burned that)

Fun question....

Have a fun and safe weekend, Kat

Rosslyn Elliott said...

OK - here are mine:

1. Amazing Grace
2. Shadowlands
3. Babe
4. Lord of the Rings (this will count for two, because it's so long)

1. The Bible
2. Boy Scout Survival Guide (good idea!)
3. Norton Anthology - English
4. Norton Anthology - American
5. My own manuscript - I would have plenty of time to edit.

1. My mix of R & B style gospel songs
2. My peaceful harp music CD
3. Angela diPrima
4. Sting's Ten Summoner's Tales
5. Sting's Nothing Like the Sun

Gwen said...

Yowzers...I have Friday night brain fry. I may have to come back later!

I'll give a Cliff Notes version:

Music, YES to Rosslyn, the Sting fan. Sting, Kate Bush and John Corigliano. A CD of old hymns. I'm set.

Movies: not a big movie buff. When Harry Met Sally, maybe 27 dresses, the Passion of the Christ. Perhaps a classic, like Splendor in the Grass, or Gone With the Wind.

Books: Oh, boy. Just five?

The Bible, Pride and Prejudice, Emma. A Lisa Samson book, a Christian romance, a ABA romance, probably. Fluff and non-fiction; classics and women's fic. I'd stuff books in all my hiding spots so I could get away with more than five. :)

Fun topic, Kat!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, this is tough. I think I would choose the following:

1) Holosync meditation CD (to keep me sane)
2) IZ's last album (can't remember the name off hand)
3) Evanescence (any of them)
4) Vivaldi's Four Seasons
5) Handels' Messiah

1) Batman Begins
2) Kingdom of Heaven
3) Cast Away (cause I think that would be hilarious)
4) Pirates of the Caribbean Move 1
5) Star Wars 3

1) Big Mind, big Heart
2) Buddha by Deepk Chopra
3) Fragile Eternity
4) Hunger Games
5) Any of the Alex Cross books

Okay - that was kinda hard!!!

gzusfreek said...

This was way harder than I thought!
Here is what I could do:)

Live Free or Die Hard
A Knights Tale
The Patriot

Lord of the Rings
The Sacred Romance by John Eldredge
Harry Potter (the last one)
Wheel of time or the Postman or Dune

Cd's oh uggg. just five
mishmosh of RHCP's, Skillet, David Crowder, Breaking Benjamin, Creed, Evanesence, Flyleaf, 12 Stones, Aerosmith, Seether, Linkin Park . . .on an on. . . whatever I could grab in the time I had :)

fun! Fun! Thanks Kat!