Monday, May 4, 2009

Gift of gab

It's been almost a week since my last post.

(Well, I pulled the post with my book trailer because I decided it needed further tweaking. More on that later.)

Last night, as I began feeling bad for neglecting my blog in such a manner, I sat down and implored myself to write something.

C'mon Kat.

Be witty.

Be smart.

Be charming.

Tell an uplifting story that will make people laugh.

I couldn't.

The more I tried, the more frustrated I became.

I'm a writer. Words are supposed to come easily to me.

They didn't.

My frustration grew.

Then, for some reason, a memory flittered through my head. At a church group meeting several years ago, a good friend of mine and my husband played this song. I thought it was so amusing to hear this friend play this song because this friend was endowed with the gift of gab.

That was the point, he said. Sometimes, we need to shut up and let our soul do the conversing.

I guess there's really nothing more for me to say today except:


Anonymous said...

NICE. What a great post. I LOVE that song. I saw them in concert and he sang this song. MAN, it just rocks my world every time I hear it.

Thanks for sharing. Write on, sister!

Anonymous said...

Amen Sista....Hears to listening to our heart and soul first and speaking second!

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Kat -

I really like that song! Thanks for introducing it to me. That's a really good one for writers.

Anonymous said...

I love this song....gonna go buy it, do you know which album it is on? I love Mercy Me, but hadn't heard this one yet....thanks!

Kat Harris said...

It's on the CD "Spoken for."