Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An excerpt from Teen Angst

Ha ha!

Once again, I have stumbled upon more poetry from my high school days.

Despite the embarrassment I feel about not knowing a thing about poetry writing, I decided to post another.

I actually remember writing this one; it was written to quell my anger at God when my grandmother died. (That's for another post.)

It's pretty obvious that it's not nearly as goofy as the cat poem. But when looked at in conjunction with the cat poem, it's a wonder why my parents didn't stick me in a padded cell.

This bombastic little ditty is called: "Mortality"

The meaning of life
let it be known
the search begins
when new grass is sewn

But as I lie in my bed
in the darkness and silence
I try to sort out
the cause of this violence

Then the darkness envelopes me
along with my fears
tearing my heart out
by way of my tears.

How can I hope
for a better tomorrow
when all I can see
is a world full of sorrow?

I fall prey to the bad things
never the good
and often don't try
as hard as I should

But show me who does try
with all of their might
maybe then I'd be saved
from losing this fight

By fight, I mean life
that long, weary game
or it could mean death.
cuz it's all the same.

They said, "It's part of life."
Why should I weep?
Death's not the end
it's a long, peaceful sleep.

Death is not sadness
nor is it pain
death is not a loss
rather something to gain.

But it feels like a darkness
surrounding my soul
something quite deep
an infinite whole.

So why should I care
about life anyway
when You crumple it up
and throw it away?

(Yeah, if Emo had been in when I was in high school, I'd have been wearing long, black dresses and white make-up.)


gzusfreek said...

ecclesiastical! No pads or bumpers from me, Kat! I love it!

Anonymous said...

You just caught the "vibe" of my novel with your EMO poem....sweet!!!

Rosslyn said...


I'm pretty impressed, actually. The sophistication of the emotions in the poem is very unusual. You would have been a top 1 percent Emo, that's for sure.


ElanaJ said...

This was my favorite part: How can I hope
for a better tomorrow
when all I can see
is a world full of sorrow?