Saturday, February 21, 2009

Silent Lucidity

Without music, my life would be incomplete.

And from The Chordette's "Mr. Sandman" to Metallica's "Enter Sandman," dreams can be found all over the place in the music world.

They've have been the topic of songs since . . . probably since Brahm's Lullaby.

I mean, you have Dream Weaver, The Dream Police, Dream a Little Dream, Dream On, California Dreamin' and of course, Daydream Believer.

As a rock 'n' roller, my favorite dream-related songs can be found in that genre of music. I mean, how can you beat songs like this one by the 90s-alt band Belly that had the lyric: "I've had bad dreams, so bad I threw my pillow away."

But there is one song I think best captures the mood of dreams. Many people don't even realize that it's about dreams.

To end this week of dream-related blog posts, I decided to post the video my favorite dream-related song. (This is the live version. If you haven't heard this song before, please check out the studio version as well. I believe it is much, much better.)

Thanks for traveling the gravel of the subconscious with me this week. Enjoy!


Crimogenic said...

Kat, I'm embarassed to say I don't know this song but it was definitely cool.

Let's see, I don't know if I know many dream songs. There's that one Cranberries song, Dreams :)

Happy Weekend!

gzusfreek said...

Oh, Kat. I love this song. It is so nice to hear it and slip into dreams of yesterday. Thanks for such an intelligent, intriguing, entertaining week. It's been fun dreaming with you - let's do it again next week!

TerriRainer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Queensryche!!!!

Operation Mind Crime is so phenomenal. How many bands can say that an entire Album tells a chronological story????

And Empire didn't have one bad song on it.