Monday, February 16, 2009

Into the deep

Somewhere deep down inside of me, there is a story that goes with this house.

Or maybe it's this house.

Or even this house.
I don't know what the story is about yet, but I know it's there, written in a language only my soul can interpret.

Houses generally represent a subconscious metaphor for self.
I have recurring dreams about them. Often.

On the outside, these are vacant and scary places.

But I opt for further inspection because it always leads to new discoveries. I experience more than I'd anticipated: I find an extra room or have a chance meeting with a long-lost friend or relative.

Unfortunately, I always wake up right before I make "the grand discovery" I was seeking.

It's a little frustrating, almost like religiously watching a soap opera in anticipation of the villain's comeupance, and then never getting to see it.
As someone who dabbles in dream interpretation, these visions are alarming. If the house is really a metaphor for my "self" then why do I feel abandoned? What discovery is it that I cannot make?
Or am I just reading too much into these dreams. Is it just my fascinationg with abandoned houses creeping into my subconscious?
I don't know.
Do you have any recurring dreams?


Anonymous said...

I don't do much with dream interpretation, ok, well I do nothing with it, actually.

It's VERY rarely I'll awake remembering a dream. The only ones that have truly shaken me, to the bone, are the ones I have of my hubby dying.

I don't need much of an interpretation to tell me that a dream like that means I want my hubby to be with me never leave/die.

Those dreams rattle me for a few days, needless to say.

Anonymous said...

I love dreams - in fact, they are oftn essential in my stories...I am a vivid dreamer - I often call my dreams movie, 'casue they are so life-like most of the time. Usually not scary, just informative.

Crimogenic said...

I’ve dabbed into a little dream interpretation myself. But I never read too much into it especially with being a writer type, where everything is more vivid. We always think ‘this must have meaning’. For a long time, I often had dreams about hiding in my late grandparents house or my great uncle's house, but those were places I spent a great deal of my childhood and they were both, these old, really ancient houses, that looked a little scary even during the day (for a kid).

gzusfreek said...

I used to have a recurring dream about a wolf chasing me. . .mmmm I think I know what it stood for - now that the "wolf" gone, so is the dream. . .

I love wolves, but this was a cujo-like wolf.

Lately I've had a really good feeling in my dreams and I don't want to wake. It's like first that first love feeling. . .

Rosslyn Elliott said...

I like your house pictures. And I think your recurring dreams about houses are fascinating.

My dreams have been scarce and uneventful lately. I think my subconscious is getting a lot of exercise through my writing process, and doesn't have any left-over energy for dreaming.