Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angels on the Moon

I never really liked being an entertainment editor all that much.

Yeah, being able to say, "I interviewed (insert celebrity here)," is cool, but so few of them ever had anything really interesting to say.

Although, I do admit Shannon Larkin from Godsmack and Rikki Rocket from Poison had good stories to tell, and irritating Nickelback's publicist ranks up there in the top 10 most memorable things I've done as a reporter. I'm sorry Ryan Peake, I didn't mean to offend you. I really wanted to know if a band considers it a bad or good thing when MTV starts picking on your lead singer.

Anyway, relief adequately describes the feelings that swirled inside me when I stepped away from the entertainment portion of my job.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to step away completely. I still receive e-mails from publicists, promoters and agents asking me to review a band's latest cd. It's pretty rare when I find one that I like enough to listen to more than once. Since 2003, only three cds have plucked my goose bald enough for me to say its a winner.

The first was Another Journal Entry by Christian rockers Barlowgirl.

The second was Damaged Goods by Lennon Murphy.

The amusing thing about these cds and my like for them is the incredible difference in messages by the artist. Barlowgirl talks about purity and how people should never lose faith in God.

On the other hand, Lennon's bawdy lyrics include the line, "So if I take you home, we'll leave our names at the door, I don't want your number, I won't bother to call. It's just another for another..."

Yeah, quite the difference.

What does my love for both of these cds say about me? I'd like to think it's indicative of my acceptance of people for who they are and how I struggle with the line between realism and idealism.

Regardless of what it says about me, the one thing I know is that the lyrics of both artists speak to me. They tell me a story.

That's what I like about the third cd on my list, as well.

Thriving Ivory's publicist sent me its cd, and the lyrics to this song shook me to my core when I first listened to it. It's called Angels on the Moon.

Have any songs or cds had such an impact on you recently?


Betty said...

Ok I'm going to take a chance at sounding like such a dork! lol! But I listen to all types of music, just like whatever sounds good to me. So the other night on the way home, I heard a country song "Zac Brown - Chicken Fried" and I loved it. It had a big impact on me, I totally started craving some fried chicken and I needed to get my hands on some. Had to stop at KFC. lol! Sorry I know I a big old goof. :)
Haven't heard anything lately that has had a big impact on me. How exciting that must be though to get to review other peoples music.

Kat Harris said...

Oh, Betty. ROFL! I'm doubled over.

You just made my Friday.

Anonymous said...

Barlow girl ROCKS. I totally have a bunch of their songs on my iPod. I love rocker chicks, though. Like Super Chick. Her mohawk rules (the one in WE LIVE video.)

Recently, I'd say I'm still with Jeremy Camp and Adie Camp's music. I listen to them all day long.

They are so imspiring.