Friday, August 8, 2008

I vote no politics

I haven't hid my feelings in the past. I hate politics.

I mean I absolutely HATE politics.

I believe my monumental dislike for all political debate and the mudslinging that always accompanies it stems from working as a reporter during election years. I've worked at a newspaper for 10 years now, so this presidential election will be the third I've endured in the media.

So, why am I writing a blog post about politics?

Well, in case you haven't guessed, this is a rant.

I also serve on the parish council of my church, and we had a meeting last night. (I'm Catholic, but like John Kennedy said, don't hold it against me.) A representive from one of the other church organizations attended our meeting last night as a guest, offering an update on what his organization is doing as far as charity in the church. Before he relented his position at the podium, however, he began a lengthy diatribe about which presidential candidate deserved our vote. Based on a single issue (you guessed it -- abortion), he told who NOT to vote for.

This was not our pastor who said this. In fact, our pastor sat in the corner and said very little.

I literally had to restrain myself from walking out of the room, which would have been a very cumbersome thing to explain later because I'm sure everyone would have assumed by my actions that I'm pro-choice.

But that's not why. (Frankly, my feelings on the issue are not anyone's business and will remain unspoken. See? I'm learning how to be a politician already.) Honestly, I would have been perturbed if this guy would have told me who not to vote for based on his feelings about NAFTA or the Vietnam War or the Yalta Conference.

I wanted to walk out because I just HATE politics. They don't belong in church. And the election of a political leader needs to be based on more than just his or her stance on a single topic. The wanna-be leader's stance on other social justice issues need to be taken into account.

But I stayed in the meeting, bit my tongue and decided to suppress my irritation until morning when I could write a scathing blog on how much I hate politics.

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Sheri Boeyink said...

Politics. A necessary evil in my opinion.
Not sure why God made them, or allowed them, or however you want to phrase it.

I try and learn enough about each through websites, church, etc so I can make an informed decision, but I'm with you Kat, I really hate the mudslinging, etc. It's just hurtful to watch.

However, I do value my pastor's opinions on the subject though, so I would like it if HE would lecture on it, but not a political candidate or affiliated person. I want to know, Biblically, who would be the best choice....

Sounds painful what you went through last night. Ugh..