Thursday, July 10, 2008

Run to the Hills

Countdown to vacation:
Six days -- less than 50 hours -- at work.
Ten days until I run to the Hills, the Black Hills.

According to, it's been in the mid-70s most of the week out in Custer State Park. I pray to God it stays that way when we're there.

I'm hoping to put together a series of video blogs to post when I get back. We'll take a drive on Iron Mountain Road, hike to Harney Peak and bike the Mickelson Trail.

I was hoping to get my rewrite done on Long Road before I left so I could proof it during the 5-hour drive from Sioux Falls. My cousin just told me she's 95 percent sure she and her husband are staying this weekend at our house, so I'm not sure if I'll get anywhere near done with it now. I'm soooo close.

Oh well.

It'll do me some good to get away.

My desire for more time to get my manuscript done for editting before vacation and my desire for time to speed up for vacation has made this continuum a paradox.

Crazy life.

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