Thursday, May 1, 2008

Word: a thing you use when you communicate

I spent about a week reading a book that I really didn't like, but I learned a new word from it.
It's really sad that I didn't ever look this word up before because I know I've skimmed over it many, many times. It never caught my attention, but when I read it in this book (many times, might I add) I became curious.
The word: Cloying -- To weary by excess, especially of sweetness, richness, pleasure, etc.
Funny thing is now that I know the meaning and I'm cognizant of the word, I'm seeing it everywhere.
It's kind of like a couple of years ago when all of the kids were named Jordan and then Madison and now Cayden.
It must be a trend I'm not hip on or something.
Great! One more thing to remind me of my age.

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